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Home of the ORIGINAL Beginner’s Bootcamp!

Click:  Salsa and Bachata Bootcamp for Beginners – Sunday August 26, 2018!!!

Tuesday Nights Salsa & Bachata Social Dancing in Denver!

New 8-Week Course for ONLY $80!

50% off!!  for Students!

– with Valid Student ID

CLASS TIME:  7:30 – 9:30
SOCIAL DANCING: 9:30:  Salsa & Bachata all night!
LOCATION:  3550 Federal Blvd,  Denver, CO 80211

A BEAUTIFUL evening of Dance Classes and Social Dancing after, every Tuesday night in Denver!

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Tuesday Night Class and Social Dancing!!
Edie the Salsa Freak

Private Lessons

Get a Private Lesson with World Renown Salsa Instructor Edie The Salsa Freak. Edie is rated one of the Top 10 Salsa/Mambo dancers in the world, and she will teach you Salsa in as little as one day!!

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Black Belt Dance

Get your Black Belt! All Instructors are certified in the art of Black Belt Dance!

What is Black Belt Dance? – How it works…




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What happens in Class?

Every Tuesday we have a Beautiful Evening of Salsa Class, followed by Social Dancing!   Become part of our Family, and meet AWESOME People!!

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Get A Black Belt In Salsa!

So what exactly is Black Belt Salsa? Black Belt Salsa is a world class salsa curriculum that is so well thought-out, and so well planned it will keep your students and instructors Growing, Engaged, and Entertained for years to come. BBS is one of the quickest and most efficient methods to learn salsa. Learn to salsa in one day.

Black Belt Salsa System

Learn Salsa in a fun and structured way! Earn belts as you progress (like martial arts). Master the basics, then use the basics to get creative! Become a Black Belt in Salsa and OWN the Dance Floor!

Black Belt Salsa is:
  – Simple

Click Below to Learn More About the Process and Start Your Black Training Today!


Who is Edie the Salsa Freak?

Edie the Salsa FREAK is one of the most sought-after and Legendary Instructor/Performers in the World!! 
Learn more about our classes below, or register for one of her classes here!

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Learn Salsa Online

So you have the desire to learn Salsa, but not the time. That’s fine, learn salsa online today. Check out our online store to browse some of the best salsa dance products and resources.


Tuesday Class is a Blast!

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PRO TIP: While Salsa dancing don’t drive a car… Salsa Saves Lives – If everyone Salsa danced, there would be NO WARS!

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